Our investor fees

Seven reasons to invest via investiere

1. Privileged access to the best deals

Once you join investiere (free of charge), you gain privileged access to the most promising, and often highly competitive deals. You have the unique opportunity to invest in startups alongside other high-caliber private investors as well as investiere’s collaborating institutional investors such as Zürcher Kantonalbank or the pension fund Nest, but also other professional investors in our network such as VCs and strategic corporate investors. Through investiere, you invest at the same terms as these professional institutional investors!

2. Possibility to build a diversified portfolio

Through investiere, you can build a diversified venture portfolio over time, with investments starting at CHF 10’000 per investment round. investiere offers investments in startups from a wide variety of industries ranging from agritech, fintech, ICT, medtech to nanotech—just to mention a few. Have a look at our diverse portfolio.

3. Access to early AND later stage rounds

Due to the larger capital requirements, later stage rounds are usually not accessible to private investors. By matching your investment with institutional money in an investiere syndicate, we get you into deals that are beyond the reach of most private investors. In other words, every Swiss franc you invest attracts at least another Swiss franc from our institutional investors!

4. Compatibility with institutional investors

To grant you access to the most sought-after deals, we pool your investment through a fiduciary. This ensures that your participation is compatible with the requirements of institutional investors. If you happen to take a lead in one of our investment rounds or if you belong to our group of investors that invest larger-sized tickets (usually >= CHF 100k), you are of course free to invest directly, but at the same time welcome to be pooled and thus represented by us (see next section).

5. Governance support

As part of an investor pool, you benefit from our governance. investiere is mandated by the fiduciary to represent each pool towards the startup. For general assemblies and other corporate events, investiere votes on shareholder matters on behalf of the pool. Prior to each such event, investiere informs the pooled investors of its going-in position and collects feedback.

6. Free portfolio management tool

To manage your startup investments, you obtain free access to our portfolio management tool for twelve months following each investment. Thanks to this easy-to-use online tool, you can track the performance of your holdings at any time, maintain a clear overview of all investor documentation and even create a report for your tax declaration.

7. Ongoing support for your portfolio

We assist the entrepreneurs and investor directors of your portfolio startups with sales, recruitment and market entry power. We tap into investiere’s unique network of over 10’000 individuals that are keen to help our startups succeed. This ongoing support raises the probability of success and adds significant value to your investment.

We win if you win: our fee model is success-based

We believe that our success should be directly linked to the performance of the companies we select. This is why we earn an important portion of our fees only when you make a profit. On successful investments, investiere applies a 15% performance fee on the profits from the investment (carried interest). Traditional VCs take 20% carried interest. 

We charge a one-off and transparent transaction fee for each investment. This differs from the approach of most VCs that charge yearly fees (usually 2% per year over at least 5 years). investiere’s one-off ​transaction fee ranges from 3% to 6% depending on the size of your investment.

Both fees (carried interest and transaction fee) are subject to VAT.

Investors who make 3 investments in one calendar year benefit from a diversification discount** on all following investments in that year. This discount takes the form of a credit which is then applied ​as a fee reduction for the ​first ​investment​(​s​)​ in the following year. An overview of the fees and discounts are listed in the table below.

* Carried interest only applies when an investment makes an annualized total return of at least 5%. If the annualized return is below 5%, investiere does not receive this performance fee.

**Relevant is the signing date of the term sheet (or legally binding investment contracts should there be no term sheet). 

Are you an institutional investor (pension fund, family office, corporate investor) or UHNWI investor who invests more than CHF 250’000 per deal? Contact us!

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