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In addition to the pre-selected investment proposals, there are thousands of company profiles on investiere that have either been created by the entrepreneurs themselves or by investiere community members.

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Create and maintain collaborative lists with fellow investors or researchers and share company profiles via investiere, email or social media.


The toolbar is your research instrument for the startup world. With it, you can create company profiles in the investiere ecosystem with the click of a mouse, no detours necessary. The toolbar allows you to gather contextual information not available anywhere else on the web.


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As an entrepreneur, create a company profile and gain exposure to people that are relevant for your business. The investiere community includes thousands of investors, serial entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, industry specialists, academics and representatives of large corporations.

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We know that nothing determines the success of an early-stage company more than the talent it can attract. Take advantage of our streamlined process that gets the right talent talking to the right entrepreneur.